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Maritime law

Representation in ship arrests cases, disputes arising from transportation and forwarding.

Representation in disputes arising from damage and other events in ports.

Maritime claims assessment.

Protection of interests of the sailors.

Public-private partnership and investments

Public-private partnership and investments

Legal analysis and risk assessment of investment projects.

Support of coordination and implementation of investment projects.

Registration of permit documents.

Negotiating with state and municipal authorities.

Tax support

Optimization of taxation and elimination of double taxation.

Representation of interests in tax authorities.

Tax litigation and tax mediation.

Consulting on tax issues and accounting.

Foreign economic activity

Legal analysis and development of foreign economic contracts.

Support for export-import trade operations.

Organization of mutual settlements under foreign economic contracts.

Consulting on matters of customs clearance and control.

Corporate relations

Development of an effective corporate management structure.

Corporate audit.

Development of regulatory documentation for the company and its structural divisions.

Battling against unfair competition and commercial attacks.

Land and real estate

Support of deals on acquisition, alienation, lease of land and real estate.

Legalization and registration of rights for land and real estate.

Registration of permits in the field of construction.

Support for construction and reconstruction of real estate.

Labor relations

Resolving individual and collective labor disputes.

Development and conclusion of a collective agreement.

Developing models for organization of labor relations.

Preparation of local documents on labor and labor protection.

Complex support for businesses

Outsourcing services for companies or delegating lawyers to the clients` office, which includes contractual work, consulting on all matters of current activity, etc.

Development, examination and support of business projects.

Courts and arbitration

Representation of interests in arbitration and international judicial bodies (ICAC, LMAA, GAFTA).

Conducting all categories of cases in Ukrainian courts of all instances.

Judicial mediation.

Translation and legalization of documents

Processing and adaptation of foreign official documents for use in Ukraine.

Qualified translation of legal texts into English and German.