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Currency liberalization

On July 20, 2021, the National Bank of Ukraine Resolution No. 80 of July 13, 20211 entered into force, which allowed legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (residents) to purchase non-cash foreign currency in an amount of up to 100 thousand euros per day in equivalent without obligations to provide documents and confirmation of necessity.

The limit is the same for all banks, which check with the NBU upon receipt of the application, and is separated from other existing e-limits: buying currency in cash without justification will not reduce the available limit for investing abroad.

Before the Resolution came into force, cashless purchase of currency by legal entities and sole proprietors was carried out only under the existing obligations – for example, the payment for the import contract. Other existing restrictions (prohibition to buy with credit funds, prohibition to buy against the fulfillment of obligations in the presence of own foreign currency funds) have been previously removed in the framework of the ongoing currency operation.

Individuals (except from individual entrepreneurs’ accounts), as before, may carry out such operations without restrictions.