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Simplification of residence registration procedures

Please be advised that Verkhovna Rada has adopted Draft Law No. 5463 of 05.05.2021 «On the implementation of public electronic services for registration and declaration of residence in Ukraine» (hereinafter – the Law)1.

The law provides for innovations in the administrative service – registration and change of residence in Ukraine.

Thus, according to the Law, a citizen will be able to enter the address where he or she actually resides in the app or on the DIIA portal and receive confirmation from the landlord. There is no need to submit documents in paper form or to visit the CDAS. Information about a citizen’s registration will only be available in electronic registers without the presence of documents at the CDAS.

The main rules of the Law, which come into force on 1 December 2021:

1. The declaration of one’s place of residence will be made by notifying the registration authority electronically via the Single State Web Portal of e-Services DIIA, followed by entering such information into the register of the territorial association. No documents shall be attached to the application that is submitted in electronic form.

2. A place of residence can be declared in privately owned housing or in housing intended for short-term accommodation (for tenants of flats and houses).

3. Residence may be registered in communal housing, privatisable housing and service housing.

4. An application for declaration or change of residence is planned to be processed and dealt with in 24 hours.

5. The place of residence registration will not be tied to the access to public services and social benefits. It will be possible to apply for a pension and receive medical care irrespective of the place of registration and permanent residence.

6. The Law has confirmed the right of the landlord to cancel the declared or registered residence of a third party without a court decision.