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Receiving funding under e-sick leave

Please be informed that the Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the FSSU) has published the algorithm for receiving assistance from the FSSU for e-sick leave.1

1. The funding of the temporary incapacity allowance is based on an application-calculation form that the employer draws up and submits to the FSSU on the relevant electronic sickness card. Therefore, it is the date of receipt of the application from the employer, not the date of creation of the e-sick leave, that primarily affects the time frame for receiving the benefits.

Once the doctor has created a medical certificate of temporary incapacity for work (you will receive a message from E-health about it) and the e-sick leave has been automatically generated following it, you must inform your employer in any way you like – e.g. by phone.

2. The evidence that the e-sick leave has been successfully generated is its presence in the insured person’s personal account on the web portal of the Pension Fund. If necessary, the employee can verify the existence of the e-sick leave by logging on to the web portal with a digital signature or BankId.

The Pension Fund will also notify about the creation of the e-sick leave via SMS – the message will contain the number of the e-sick leave and its validity period. However, such SMS will only be received if the insured person has previously registered on the portal and has agreed in the settings to be remotely informed.

3. The employer (and all part-time employers) will see the employee’s e-sick leave in its insurance offices from the day it is opened, but will not start paying the benefit until after the period of incapacity for work defined in it has lapsed and the time limit in which the doctors can make changes has expired.

4. When the e-sick leave changes its status to “ready for payment”, the employer will begin the assignment procedure for it – first the electronic document will be forwarded to the Social Insurance Commission (commissioner) of the company to decide on the granting of financial benefits. The deadline for reviewing the documents and making this decision is 10 calendar days from the date the e-sick leave is issued (the date of issue is the eighth day after the closing date of the e-sick leave and for maternity leave – the eighth day from the opening date).

5. The accountant’s office will then calculate the amount of the benefits, create an application form for the e-sick leave and send it to the Social Insurance Fund for payment. There is a maximum of 5 working days for this stage. The FSSU advises to submit settlement applications digitally through specialized software (please note that submission of the settlement application through the relevant interface on the Pension Fund’s web portal is currently unavailable).

It is the date of receipt of the application form by the FSSU that will have an impact on the timing of the funding of benefits. Employees should therefore keep in touch with their employer and inquire about the status of the application.