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Now without patronymics: the new State Standard for documentation

Starting from September 1, 2021 the National Standard DSTU 4163:2020 “State Unified System of Documentation. The unified system of organizational and administrative documentation. Requirements for the execution of documents” has come into force.

In accordance with paragraph 1.1 of DSTU 4163:2020, this standard documentation applies to: state agencies, local governments, institutions, enterprises, organizations, legal persons, regardless of their functional purpose, level and scale of activity and ownership.

Such a detail of documents as a signature must now consist of:

– the title of the person signing the document (full form, if the document is not on letterhead, abbreviated for letterhead);

– personal signature (except for electronic documents), NAME and SURNAME, without patronymic (previously – I. I. Ivanov, now – Ivan Ivanov).

List of documents covered by DSTU 4163:2020:

 organizational: job descriptions, staff schedules, etc.;

– administrative: orders, directives;

– informational and analytical: acts, references, memos, explanatory notes, service letters, etc..

The standard applies to documents, regardless of their form of storage: paper or electronic form. The standard also contains samples of the letterhead of a legal entity and certain types of documents.

Please note that this standard applies mainly to personnel documentation and this list does not include contracts and primary accounting documents.