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Legal actions that require a military ID

Recently in the media has been disseminated information about legal actions, for which it is necessary to confirm the registration of a person liable for military service at the military enlistment office.

Below we consider the main events in which the presentation of a military ID is really necessary.

1. Official employment

Article 24 of the Labor Code states that when concluding an employment contract, a citizen is obliged, in addition to a passport and a work book, to provide also a military registration document and other documents provided for by law.

This rule has been in force since 2021 and is usually carried out by enterprises, since an employee’s military ID is necessary for the employer to maintain military records.

2. Registration / divorce / change of name

Thus, the Rules for State Registration of Civil Status Acts in Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) provide for the following administrative services, in which information about a person is submitted to the military enlistment offices, including, among other things, the series and number of a military ID:

– marriage registration;

– divorce;

– change of name.

These rules have been in effect since 2017. At the same time, the powers or obligation of the registry office to request a military ID are not directly provided for by the Rules, however, obviously, in practice, in order to fill in and transfer data to the military enlistment offices, registry offices ask to present a military ID.

3. Obtaining the status of unemployed

According to the Procedure for registering the unemployed to obtain the status of unemployed, as well as when filling out an application for unemployment benefits in Diya, among other things, during martial law, a military registration document is submitted (this rule was introduced in 2022).

4. Registration of residence / deregistration

The procedure for registering a place of residence provides that a military registration document is submitted both for registering a place of residence and for deregistration.

Considering that deregistration of the previous owners of residential real estate usually precedes transactions for its sale, we can conclude that, in fact, in order to sell real estate, it will be necessary to present a military ID at some stage.