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Driving in a new way: changes in traffic regulations

On 11 November, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted Resolution No. 1105 “On Amendments to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1306 dated 10 October 2001”, which amends the Traffic Regulations.

Changes in traffic regulations apply to drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians, as follows:

  • from now on, the taxi driver and taxi passengers must buckle up while driving, both within and outside the locality. The same applies to driving instructors.

Whereas previously instructors, taxi drivers and passengers were allowed to leave their seatbelts unbuckled in a locality, this is now permitted only for drivers and passengers with disabilities, and for drivers and passengers of operational and special vehicles.

Also, if previously instructors outside the settlement were allowed to leave their seatbelts unbuckled, now they must buckle up as well;

  • category A includes motorbikes with a side trailer;
  • pedestrians who move along the roadway in the dark in low visibility conditions are required to use reflective elements or wear clothing that has such elements. By such elements we mean either special clothes or simply a tape or a sticker. Previously, this option was not mandatory, but “if possible” – a pedestrians had to simply “highlight themselves” to be noticed by the driver;
  • cyclists are now allowed to use public transport lanes, provided that such traffic is carried out in parallel with the flow of vehicles;
  • a driver who is making a turn from a public transport lane separated by a dash line is allowed to make a turn from that lane. In such places, it is also permitted to drive into the lane at the time of departure and for boarding/disembarking passengers near the right side of the carriageway;
  • it is forbidden to change the size, shape, designation, colour or placement of number plates, or to put additional markings on them or cover them. They must be clean and sufficiently illuminated;
  • the names of some road signs have been changed, namely: “End of road with improved pavement” has been changed to “Change of pavement”; “Vehicle Type” now shows a truck at the back, not at the side, and “Dangerous goods information table” has become an “Orange-coloured plate”.

The new Traffic Regulations came into force on 25 November, 2020.