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Law Firm “ANK” defends the interests of Captain Nezavitin

The lawyers of ANK defended the interests of the captain of Port Chornomorsk, Stanislav Nezavitin, in the case of the claim of the ship-owner of m/v ZOYA against the Administration of the Sea Ports of Ukraine, in which the Supreme Court of Ukraine recently brought to a close. The reason for the ship-owner’s appeal to the court for damages in the amount of 25 million hryvnias was detention of m/v ZOYA in November of 2014, in accordance with the court’s ruling on the arrest. In the opinion of the shipowner, the captain of the port illegally refused to register the waste, since there were some mistakes in the court ruling. As a result of the court proceedings, which lasted for 2.5 years, the appeal and cassation courts agreed with the arguments of ANK that the Port Captain had acted lawfully, and therefore there were no grounds for recovery of damages. The Court of Appeal dismissed the claim in full, and the Supreme Court upheld the decision.

The team of Law Firm “ANK” was represented in this case by attorneys Artem Volkov and Nina Kostiuk under the general guidance of their managing partner, attorney-at-law Oleksandr Kyfak.