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About ANK


Our success can be measured by the success of our clients

Since 1998 Law Firm “ANK” has been ranking among “Top 50 Law Firms of Ukraine”, “Market Leaders: Ukrainian Law Firm Rankings”, Who’s Who Legal, Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine.

The firm is a member of the international legal network of Geneva Group International and a member of GAFTA.

Oleksandr Kyfak, Managing Partner of “ANK”, has been one of the most famous practicing lawyers in Ukraine since 2004, repeatedly noted by the prestigious Ukrainian publication “Client’s Choice: TOP-100 Best Lawyers of Ukraine” as a leading lawyer in the field of international maritime law as well as public-private partnership.

In July 2008 Oleksandr Kyfak was appointed Honorary Consul of Germany in the south of Ukraine, by decision of the President and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since its foundation, “ANK”, considering the specifics of its location, has been paying special attention to investment projects in ports and commercial navigation services. To this day, maritime law remains one of our the most valuable and beloved practices.

Herewith, it would be far from true to state that ANK is limited to maritime specialization. Any issues of real estate, tax, corporate, civil, labor or other “land” branches of law that arise in business or among the people are equally close to us.

The professional resources of our company allow us to provide comprehensive legal support for an economic entity, supplementing or acting as internal legal service.

In addition to subscription, we widely provide fir single legal advices on client dilemmas as well as support separate projects (deals, litigation, collective and business negotiations, reorganizational events, etc.).

All services of the firm are available in four languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian, German.

“ANK” maintains close contacts with lawyers from Austria, Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Poland, the Russian Federation, USA, Turkey and other countries, which allows to attract assistance of foreign colleagues when required by the client.

On a semi-commercial base “ANK” provides advices to bodies of state authority and local self-government, state enterprises, charitable and religious organization, Honorary Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany in Odessa, participates in seminars, conferences, forums and other professional events.

As a member, associate member or consultant for Ukrainian and international business associations and lobby organization “ANK” takes part in development and discussions of draft laws related to investments, ports and trade shipping.


Knowing laws means understanding of their contents and meaning rather than the wording.


The ANK team consists of outstanding graduates from the best law schools and faculties in the country, masters of law, lawyers, candidates of sciences, researchers. Many of them came to us when they were students and in the course of their professional developments synthesized unique experience from various areas of legal practice, which allows them today to successfully maneuver among the conflicting currents, develop multiyear business projects and, as part of law-making groups, to take part in drafting of laws.

The ANK team is also proud of our talented and ambitious youth, who are showing themselves at scholarship competitions which the firm holds annually.

In our employees we appreciate the theoretical basis, creative thinking, the ability to find original ways out of ordinary legal situations, energy and erudition.

As per its organization “ANK” follows the principle of internal specialization. The structure of the firm includes investment, tax, maritime, land, court mediation and corporate legal practices departments.

We believe that jurisprudence is an art. The skill of a lawyer is manifested in his ability to respond in a timely manner to a changing situation and make unpredictable moves, while keeping in mind the spares. After all, just like in mathematics, in jurisprudence there are several ways to achieve the goal, by replacing the summands and characters. At the same time, jurisprudence is an intellectual game, and we got used to winning in it.


Dear Clients!
Let us thank you for filling our work with its sense and giving us opportunities for self-realization and improvement. Thanked to you, we gain new experience, acquire incentives for development and collect reasons to be proud of ourselves.

Odessa region is the sea gate of Ukraine, a major transport hub, which predetermined the nature of business in the region and the circle of Law Firm “ANK” clients.

The firm provides complex legal services for companies working in transport, trade, production, financial, lease and other management areas.

Among our clients there are companies of Ukrainian beneficiaries, subsidiaries of foreign holdings and, in fact, foreign companies and their local representative offices:

Ports and port operators (stevedoring companies)

Grain traders and elevator complexes

Shipping companies

Freight forwarders, agents, surveyors and other participants of trade shipping

IT companies

Industrial enterprises (factories)

Construction companies (global contractors)

Leasing enterprises (trade and exhibition complexes and business centers)

Trade companies (markets, supermarkets and shops)

Servicing companies (communications, entertainment, commercial intermediaries)

Banks, insurance companies and other financial establishments

Oil and gas companies

Bodies of state power and local self-government

Religious, educational, charitable organizations and trade unions

Professional associations of entrepreneurs (associations, chambers, etc.)

The flexible organizational structure of the company allows to provide the client with any convenient form of cooperation. As practice shows, the optimal form of long-term cooperation is a subscription. Still, the traditional inquiries for single advice or specific project are no less popular.