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Property Registration on a house and a land-plot

On September, 6, 2012 the Supreme Court of Ukraine has passed the bill № 10577 on “Introduction of amendments to the article 16 of the Law of Ukraine “On the State Registration of Property rights to Real Estate and their Encumbrances” (hereinafter referred to as the Bill) (property registration).

It is pointed out in the Bill that in case of emergence, passing or termination of the title to a dwelling house, a building or a construction simultaneously with emergence, passing or termination of property rights to a land-plot, where they are located, one application on state registration of rights and their encumbrances to such objects is filed. In other words from the day on which the law enters into force, while making a bargain of purchase and sale of a house and a land-plot, where it is located, the new owner has to hand to the bodies of Municipal Technical Inventory Bureau one general application on property registration instead of two separate ones as it is required by the legislation at present.

However, one application on the house and land is filed only in case if the specified objects are registered on one and the same person. The procedure for exercising of such registration actions will be defined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine charged to bring in accordance with it all the normative legal acts within three months from the day on which the Bill enters into force.

The Bill is effective from the day following the day of its publication.