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Membership in the International Compliance Association

The International Compliance Association (“ICA”) is the only internationally recognized international organization uniting compliance specialists.
From the team of ANK Law Firm, the Associate Lawyer Elena Koch became a member of the Association.

The compliance means conducting activities in accordance with both statutory procedures and internal corporate rules of conduct.

The compliance practice is aimed at:
– identification of risks faced by the company, and ways to minimize them;
– formation and application of mechanisms to control and counter risks in the company;
– monitoring the effectiveness of control in the company’s risk management process;
– elimination of barriers to conduct activities in accordance with the rules and procedures;
– consulting businesses on the rules and controls.

ICA is represented in more than 50 jurisdictions, has regional offices in successfully developing financial centers – London, Dubai, New York, Singapore, and has more than 10 thousand members.

The membership in the ICA demonstrates commitment to the highest standards of practice and behavior, and imparting a value to professional reputation.


ANK LF fully shares and appreciates the ideas of ICA and is fully prepared to support and accompany companies in the implementation of compliance practices.