Your reliable pilot in the stormy sea of legislation


ANK” today is a symbol of reliability, competence and foresight.

Established in 1996 in Odessa – the region of the oldest Ukrainian school of maritime law and active commercial navigation – Law Firm “ANK” feels confident both on land and at sea.

The professional potential of the company, in addition to traditional legal services, allows us to offer our clients service in areas that have not been mastered by “land” law firms.

Our main practices:

Investment projects
Tax support
Complex business support
Maritime affairs and commercial shipping
Due Diligence
Corporate structures and relations
Foreign economic activity
Analytics and consulting
Land and real estate
Courts and arbitrations
Labor relations
Translation and legalization of documents

Since 1998, despite the rapid development of competition in the legal services market, Law Firm “ANK” remains one of the leading law firms in Ukraine and an unchanging leader in the Southern region in terms of efficiency, project scale and reputation.

We respect the trends, but gravitate to the classics, and, winning the right to be the best time and again, we always bet on a systematic approach to the client’s problem, on integrity and ingenuity.